Two Blues winning streak extends to seven

FOLLOWING football form can produce some mystifying results.

Take the contrasting scores for Prahran v Old Peninsula in season 2023.

Round 8, Old Peninsula, at home, wins bv 45 points.

Round 16, Prahran, at home, wins by 91 points,

That's a 136 point turnaround in the space of eight weeks!

Surely home ground advantage isn't that telling.

Maybe so, as collective Two Blues minds turn to John Pascoe Reserve for the toughest road trip in VAFA Division 1 against Therry Penola this Saturday.

Just like the AFL Blues Carlton which has racked up eight successive wins, so the Two Blues are on a roll notching their seventh win in a row to stay in the chase for the double chance

Going into this game the Two Blues would have been warm favourite, but such a wide margin was unexpected. Old Peninsula had won its two previous matches so were in form.

In their earlier clash the Pirates slammed on the first seven goals of the game.

On Saturday the Two Blues returned serve with the first four goals.

Whereas the Pirates at home had firepower aplenty, at Lucas Reserve it was more like bringing a pop gun to battle.

Maintaining a recent trend, the longer the game went the more dominant the Two Blues became evidenced by 11-6 to 3-0 in the second half.

Rory Brodie turned in another master class in the ruck capped by four goals, while Matthew Clifford (four) and James Musster with three were also among the goals.

Jayden Williams led a miserly defence in another impressive pre finals performance.

PRAHRAN 4-3 8-9 13-11 19-15 (129)

OLD PENINSULA 1-2 2-8 3-8 5-8 (38)

Goals:R. Brodie 4, M. Clifford 4, J. Musster 3, J. Simonetta 2, E. Espinosa 2, M. Mayne, J. Bell, B. Galbraith, B. Adams

Best: R. Brodie, M. Clifford, J. Williams, S. Chapman, E. Espinosa, B. Galbraith.


PERCENTAGE booster to keep slim finals hopes alive.

After a tardy start conceding a nine point advantage at quarter-time the much fitter Two Blues overpowered the Pirates.

Wins are essential but the Two Blues need to rely on a series of kind results in other games.

Jackson Partridge lodged a claim for a senior recall with six goals.

PRAHRAN 2-3 8-7 16-12 24-17 (161)

OLD PENINSULA 4-0 5-2 5-2 5-3 (33)

Goals:J. Partridge 6, J. Matherson 4, D. Marrows 4, B. Dickinson 3, M. Grogan 2, N. Kellock, P. Pavlou, W. Axford-Wood, J. Noonan, A. Perez

Best :P. Rhodes, M. Woods, J. Partridge, D. Marrows, B. Graham, W. Axford-Wood


PRAHRAN 0-1 0-3 1-4 2-7 (19)

OLD PARADIANS 2-2 4-4 4-10 7-10 (52)