Two Blues 98 point win on James Musster's 200th game

MILESTONE matches DO matter.

Anyone who witnessed the first quarter 10 goals blitz from Prahran at Preston on Saturday would have been convinced this was a response to the occasion of the 200th senior game for club legend James Musster.

A pre match presentation from the club of a framed Prahran jumper listing his catalogue of achievements (pictured above) and an address from president Fab Maya left players a clear message this was a special game requiring a special effort.

The 98 point win 25-17 (166) to 10-8 (68) was an  emphatic response.

Granted the win was relative to the opposition- Preston Bullants are winless after five rounds and had COVID issues during the week.

But nonetheless the Two Blues skills matched their intensity for the first time this season.

There were no less than 12 individual goal kickers, emphasing the overall dominance of the Two Blues.

With the inclusion of Joe Bell (nee Whiting), Beau Adams and Shaun Chapman this was the best line-up fielded this season and it showed,

Such was the first quarter blitz the Two Blues gun full-forward Matthew Clifford was not required barely touching the ball as goal after goal sailed over his head.

Jon Simonetta bagged four in the first term on his way to a career equalling six goals,

Bell, in his first senior game for the season, was outstanding with his attack on the ball, breakaway speed which netted him three goals and a hand in several more.

As coach Brett Dickinson pointed out post game one of the more encouraging signs was the steadiness of youthful key defenders Alex Maxwell and Pat Ribbands, both 20 year-olds.

After a slow start man-of-the-day Musster slipped into top gear gaining possessions at will as did fellow on baller Mackenzie Mayne.

Fittingly as the siren sounded Musster had a set shot for goal which landed short denying a 100 plus point margin but by then the fairytale had come true.

Musster was chaired off the ground by his great mate Tim Maya and Simonetta as Preston players joined in the applause for a much respected opponent.


PRAHRAN 10-3 14-7 19-14 25-16 (167)

PRESTON 1-0 3-2 6-2 10-9 (69)

Goals. J. Simonetta 6, J. Bell 3, B. Adams 2, J. Musster 2, R. Brodie 2, M. Clifford 2, J. Waters, M. Mayne, J. Partridge, E. Plaza, T. Seaman, Z. Podmore, B. Galbraith, S. Chapman
Best P:J. Simonetta, M. Mayne, J. Musster, B. Adams, R. Brodie, J.


BACK -to-back wins for the Reserves who now move into finals contention.

PRAHRAN 3-3 9-6 10-14 13-17 (95)

PRESTON BULLANTS  2-1 4-2 4-4 7-8 (50)\

Goals. P. Pavlou 3, A. Perez 2, D. Marrows 2, R. Bedwell 2, N. Kellock 2, J. Noonan, J. Matherson
Best :A. Perez, D. Campbell, P. Pavlou, W. Axford-Wood, J. Panagiotaros, J. Noonan.


PRAHRAN 4-1 5-3 5-4 9-8 (61)

SOUTH MELBOURNE DISTRICTS 0-1 2-3 3-6 5-6 (36)