Two Blues Stage Stunning Reversal


If anyone has the book to explain how football physcology works please send us a copy. In the most stunning form reversal of the season Prahran Assumption was unrecognisable from the lack lustre outfit that stumbled to a three point loss the previous week after conceding a six goals start. From the opening minutes the intent, tackling pressure and run so lacking seven days ago were suddenly on show in abundance. This was the best team effort for the season and moves the Two Blues to fifth on the ladder, one game out of the four and with a healthy percentage. As recently as round seven the Two Blues cobbled a miserable 2-11 against Therry Penola. Remarkably the roles were reversed on Saturday. It was 12 minutes into the third quarter that Therry Penola registered its first goal. The competition’s leading goal kicker Jarrod Bannister was starved of opportunity but when they arrived full-back John Stocker had most of the answers. Last week the Two Blues barely had a good player, on Saturday it was matter of who was better but there were no passengers. In truth the 39 point margin flattered the visitors. Save for three quick goals at the start of the last quarter they were dominated in all facets. Leading the show were dominant big men Ryley Conlan and Brett Dickinson who ruled the air, and the clutch of midfielders Harry Taylor, Trent Rogers, Dan Freeeman, James Falcone and James Musster who racked up possessions at will. As coach Ash Mills told players post game the challenge is now to play to that standard next week and for the rest of the season.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 5-2 6-7 9-17 10-19 (79) d THERRY PENOLA 0-1 0-2 2-2 6-4 (40)

Goals: Matherson, Falcone, Hogan, Taylor 2, Maya, Heeps. Best. Matherson, Rogers, Taylor, D Freeman, Stocker.



Besy win of the season with a number of late season recruits bolstering stocks. Blayne Dempsey with five goals and Paul Donahoo, senior premiership players, led the way.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 2-6 6-9 7-10 11-11 (77) d THERRY PENOLA 2-3 4-5 7-7 8-7 (55)

Goals: Dempsey 5, Hickey 2, Seaholme, Taylor, Jones, Henshaw.

Best: Donahoo, Dempsey, B Quinn, Martin, Bremner, Thompson.



PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 7-8 (50) lost to RICHMOND CENTRALS 13-11 (89). 

Goals: Corrigan 3, Vine 2, Derbyshire, Gouin.

Best: Corrigan, Davidson, Turnley, Smith, Koehler.



PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 2-0 (12) lost to YARRA VALLEY 11-11 (77))