Two Blues reality check

SOMETIMES you have to tip your hat and say your opponent is simply too good.
Such was the case in Saturday’s crucial VAFA Division 1 clash between third placed Glen Eira and fifth placed Prahran Assumption.
The Two Blues had visions of taking Glen Eira’s spot in the four.
But they received a rude reality check at Packer Reserve succumbing to its heaviest defeat of the season 15-18 (108) to 6-5 (41).
This was an eight point game, instead of the Two Blues moving to within two points of Glen Eira they are now 10 points adrift and finals hopes hanging by a thread.
The early signs were encouraging winning the toss to kick with the aid a northerly gale worth at least five goals.
Joel Hume, switched from defence to attack, goaled twice in the first five minutes.
Then the home team got down to work, stoppage after stoppage followed with the Two Blues either not good enough or smart enough to get the ball moving.
Worse was the come, with Glen Eira kicking three goals into the wind.
The home team’s pressure rating was through the roof and their bigger bodies brushed the Two Blues aside.

Every time a Two Blues player gained possession he was tackled or harassed.
And while their tackling technique was all but flawless the Two Blues made some sloppy tackles resulting in free kicks.
Two Blues supporters braced themselves for a second quarter blitz and the Saints duly delivered slamming on 7-6 to 2-1 virtually sealing a win.
When Jack Matherson and Ethan Plaza goaled in the first two minutes of the third quarter an unlikely Two Blues comeback loomed.
But after 20 goalless minutes Glen Eira restored its dominance with the only other goal for the term.
The last quarter was ugly,  5-11 to nil.
All day the home team’s skills and nous in the difficult conditions were far superior.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 2-2 4-5 6-5 6-5 (41)
GLEN EIRA 3-1 10-7 11-7 15-18 (108)
Goals. J Matherson, Plaza, Hume 2.
Best. Chapman, Adams, Gottschalk, Whiting, Musster, Simonetta.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 0-1 3-7 3-7 6-13 (49)
GLEN EIRA 4-5 4-6 13-12 14-13 (97)
Goals. Calvert 2, McAuliffe, Taylor, Grogan, Rhodes.
Best. Grogan, McAuliffe, Calvert, Taylor, R Juricic, M Juricic.