Two Blues Plunge to Bottom of the Ladder


Prahran Assumption plunged to the depths of the VAFA Division 1 ladder following a lamentable 42 point loss to Therry Penola on Saturday.

The previously winless Therry Penola first intimidated, then bullied and finally toyed with the Two Blues on their home turf to move off the bottom of the ladder.

After an even first quarter when the Two Blues led 2-1 to 2-0, the home team took control with five unanswered goals. At one stage the home team’s scoreline read a remarkable 10-0 while the Two Blues blundered with several missed opportunities.

Therry Penola skipper Jarrad Egglestone collected possessions at will to inspire his team while the Two Blues folded under a concerted physical attack.

It took until mid-way through the third quarter before Beau Adams managed a superb tackle which saw Egglestone trot to the interchange bench with a sore shoulder could the Two Blues respond.

Jayden Williams and John Stocker battled manfully in a defence constantly under seige while for the second successive week the Two Blues forward line was dysfunctional.

The position of cellar dweller with a percentage of 67.84 is now occupied by Prahran Assumption so there is some serious work to do to turn the season around.

Another away game awaits the Two Blues with a visit to Preston Bullants. Confidence is at a low-ebb and somehow needs to be restored.

First quarter: A low scoring start with goals to Jack Matherson and then Riley Hogan, thanks to two 50m penalties, scoring goals from free kicks.

Second quarter: What promised to be an arm wrestle turned into a blow out as the home team slammed on five unanswered goals in the first 18 minutes. Adams snapped a goal to break the drought but Therry Penola added two more goals to post a remarkable 9-0 half-time score.

Third quarter: The Two Blues were more competitive with three goals apiece.

Matherson goaled with Therry Penola responding with two quick goals, then Harrison Taylor and Jimmy Falcone provided a rare glimpse of light with successive goals.

Fourth quarter: Therry Penola responded with three more goals to ice the game.

Late goals to James Musster and Brett Dickinson were small consolation to end a miserable day.

Therry Penola 2.0 9.0 12.2 15.7 (97)
Prahran Assumption
2.1 3.3 6.4 8.7 (55)

Goals: Matherson 2, Dickinson, Taylor, Adams, Falcone, Musster

Best: Williams, Adams, Stocker, Hogan, W Brereton, Falcone, Quinn



Therry Penola
2.5 4.7 6.12 11.19 (85)
Prahran Assumption
0.2 4.2 6.7 8.7 (55)

Goals: Dempsey, Hayden Taylor

Best: Luff, Bremner, Leske, Graham, B Quinn, Noonan



Prahran Assumption 1.2 4.2 6.7 8.7 (55)
MNHSOB 3.2 7.5 10.9 12.12 (84)

Goals: Davis 6, Derbyshire 2

Best: Ryan, Davis, Gallagher, Turnley, Bergerm Dillon



Prahran Assumption 0.0 1.2 2.1 2.2 (14)
Bulleen Templestow 1.2 1.3 3.5 4.6 (30)

Goals: Davis 6, Derbyshire 2

Best: Ryan, Davis, Gallagher, Turnley, Bergerm Dillon