Two Blues Plummet from Second to Fifth


Prahran Assumption plummeted from second to fifth on the VAFA Division 1 ladder after a heavy defeat by unbeaten Therry Penola on Saturday.

This clash at the half-way mark of the season was always going to be the litmus test for the Two Blues and they failed comprehensively losing not only four premiership points but 16 percentage points.

Put simply the Therry Penola monstered the Two Blues.

Bigger, faster, stronger and more skilled the 68 point margin flattered Prahran Assumption.

A more accurate measurement of the gulf in class was the scoreline of 34 scoring shots to 16.

The Bannister brothers, Jordan with 10 goals and Corey with four, showed why they have struck fear into every defender in the competition as they revelled in the silver service delivery.

The opening 15 minutes gave little indication of what was to follow.

After Jarrod Bannister goaled within the first minute, the Two Blues steadied with goals to Adam Sleight and Pat Harris.

Over the next 30 minutes Therry Penola added 5-7 while Prahran Assumption was held scoreless.

The result was never in doubt thereafter.

The sliver of solace for the visitors was the last quarter when they added three goals to four but by then the sting had gone out of the contest.

It was a forgettable day for Two Blues fans but one consolation was veteran 100 gamer Paul Donahoo kicking the final goal of the game before being chaired off the ground.

Prahran Assumption now needs to win a minimum six of the last nine games to qualify for the finals.

Despite the bleak events of last Saturday there is justifiable optimism that is achievable.

The Two Blues were missing several key players on Saturday so there is room for considerable improvement in the second half of the season.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 2-0 5-2 7-4 10-6 (66)

THERRY PENOLA 4-9 10-10 16-13  20-14 (134)

Goals: Sleight, Wall, Musster 2, Maya, Donahoo, Vuli, Harris.

Best: Wall, Simonetta, Vuli, Panagiotaros, Musster, Donahoo.



A superb performance in a season best win over third placed Therry Penola.

The Two Blues held a 17 point lead at half-time but by three quarter-time scores were level setting the scene for an epic final quarter.

Josh Hogarth was outstanding in an on ball role while Jon Rice kicked the match winning goal from 35m out on an angle deep into time-on to snatch a well deserved two point win.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 3-1 6-3 7-6 10-7 (67)

THERRY PENOLA  1-1 3-4 7-6 9-11 (65)



IF you recognise the name W Walford as a goal kicker in the Club XVIII last Saturday, yes it's the same Will Walford, club legend who played his first game for the Two Blues in the 1987 premiership season.

The Clubbies drew away with a dominant second half to win by 57 points.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 3-2 6-3 13-11 16-16 (112)

MASALA 2-2 5-5 5-6 8-7 (55)

Goals: Myres 6, Walford 4, Fried, Derbyshire, Storer, Keohler, O'Connor, Copping.

Best: Myres, O'Connor, Mactiernan, Speers, Derbyshire, Corrigan.