Two Blues outclassed by ladder leader

OUTCLASSED is the word that springs to mind to describe Prahran Assumption’s trouncing at the hands of VAFA Division 1 ladder leader PEGS on Saturday.

While the Two Blues endeavour could not be faulted there was a chasm in skill level between the two teams.

PEGS is C Grade bound and on the evidence of last Saturday will be more than competitive in the higher grade.

The 12-12 (84) to 3-9 (27) defeat in surprisingly benign conditions all but means it is the end of the road for a Prahran Assumption finals campaign, while mathematically possible is now highly improbable.

The aspiration now to keep its spot in fifth place as the best team outside the four.

In the early season clash which saw the Two Blues in front when the final siren sounded only to be defeated when PEGS converted a goal from a free kick the home team was able to deny PEGS their ‘slingshot ‘ style of play.

But on the wide expanses of PEGS playing fields the home team was able to use its greatest asset, elite kicking skills.

Coach Brett Dickinson described the loss as very disappointing.
“This should hurt, now how do we approach the last two weeks? “ he asked.

This game was good as over in the first 20 minutes when PEGS slammed on four goals holding the Two Blues to two points.

Come half-time the Two Blues were still goalless with a 0-8 return a harsh outcome considering they held their own in general play.

In fact for all their domination PEGS were kept to 12 goals, a tribute to dogged defence led by Jayden Williams at full-back who was as reliable as ever under constant fire power.

In the last quarter when the game was well and truly over as a contest and the Two Blues could have rolled over and conceded an avalanche of goals in fact they won their only quarter of the game 2-1 to 1-4 thanks to goals from Jake Stent-Powell and Joel Hume.

Good players were scarce on the ground but Williams, ruckman Shaun Chapman and Jon Simonetta both in defence and attack were the stand outs and James Everest and Jesse Waters toiled hard.

The Two Blues return to Toorak Park on Saturday for co captain Beau Adams’ 150th game and the final match played out of the Charles Lux pavilion change rooms.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 0-3 0-8 1-8 3-9 (27)
PEGS 4-3 8-4 11-8 12-12 (84)
Goals. Mirabella, Stent-Powell, Hume.
Best. Chapman, Everest, Waters, Adams, Gottschalk, Stent-Powell.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 0-1 0-5 1-6 3-7 (25)
PEGS 9-2 11-5 16-7 20-10 (130)
Goals. Cibiras 2, M Capra.
Best. Hann, Cibiras, Loschiavo, Walter, Taylor, Woods.