Two Blues Mix Form but Post Successive Wins


Prahran Assumption produced a puzzling mix of its very best and very worst to post a 36 point win at Ransford Oval on Saturday.

The peaks and troughs are alarming to say the least, and as coach Ash Mills pointed out post game a repeat will not cut it against second placed Kew back at Toorak Park next Saturday. The previous week the Two Blues conceded a six goals start before an amazing 16 goals win, on Saturday roles were reversed and early in the second quarter the scoreboard read Prahran Assumption 6-5 to West Brunswick 0-4. Yet by half-time the margin was a mere two points as the Magpies kicked six unanswered goals while the Two Blues switched into cruise control. Just two goals going to the scoring end in the third term while the Magpies added three did not bode well. When West Brunswick kicked the first goal of the last quarter to stretch its lead to 10 points it seemed the Two Blues were going to meekly surrender. But a long goal from Callum Wilson ignited the Two Blues. A free kick and goal to skipper James Musster put the Two Blues back in front and they slammed on the next five goals as their running game returned with Musster and Jon Simonetta outstanding. Wilson with six goals was again a standout. A major concern was that centre clearances fluctuated wildly and against a top team will prove costly.  Two of the few four quarter players were ruckman Brett Dickinson who dominated big man duels and on baller Beau Adams who attacked the ball and opponent with intensity all day.

First quarter: Wilson kicked 2-2 for the quarter in an ominous sign. Alex Simpson found Jack Matherson for a goal and Jimmy Falcone passed to Musster for a fourth goal for the term.

Second quarter: Tim Maya snapped an early goal thanks to a free to Wilson. Then Simpson passed to Wilson for his third for the game, it was 10 minutes into the quarter before West Brunswick kicked their first goal. A superb gather and handball by Riley Conlan to Jimmy Falcone was a quick reply. The next 20 minutes proved a nightmare for the Two Blues as the Magpies added six unanswered goals.

Third quarter: The home team sensed the tide had turned and upped its pressure meter. But a Harrison Taylor snap goal stemmed the visitors run of goals. Wilson goaled again before West Brunswick kicked successive goals courtesy of 50m penalties to take a four point lead.

Fourth quarter: The crucial first goal of the quarter for the Magpies came via an overrule from the central umpire when the goal umpire awarded a point. When Falcone was sent from the field for an alleged illegal tackle chaos reigned. One umpire incorrectly informed runner Dan Freeman he could not be replaced, so for five minutes the Two Blues played with 17 men. Just when the Two Blues seemed set to meekly surrender Wilson goaled and then Musster from a free regained the lead. Back in control at the clearances the Two Blues then turned the game into a procession as Wilson, Maya, Simonetta. Falcone and Nick Martin all goaled.

West Brunswick
0.3 7.5 10.6 11.8 (74)
Prahran Assumption
4.5 7.7 9.8 16.14 (110)

Goals: Wilson 6, Musster 2, Maya, Falcone, Taylor, Matherson, Simonetta, Martin

Best: Simonetta, Wilson, Hume, Kerr, Stocker, Musster



West Brunswick
3.4 5.8 8.9 12.13 (85)
Prahran Assumption
4.1 7.3 8.7 10.7 (67)

Goals: Chapman 3, Panagiataros 2, Keaney, T Quinn, Capra, Garlick, Henshaw

Best: T Quinn, B Quinn, Jones, Panagiataros, Keaney, Luff.



Richmond Central AFC 4.3 8.4 11.9 12.10 (82)
Prahran Assumption 3.0 6.4 6.4 8.9 (57)

Goals: T. Smith 2, N. Keohler 2, R. Goraya, J. Turnley, A. Davis, J. Marshall

Best: J. Marshall, A. Davis, R. Goraya, C. Dillon, A. Hayes, T. Smith



Prahran Assumption
4.3 8.4 11.9 12.10 (82)
St Leo's Emmaus 3.0 6.4 6.4 8.9 (57)

Goals: Peel, Bransden 3, Mellington, Lindkvist, Mathias

Best: Bransden, Murphy, Buttolph, Peel