Two Blues Consigned to Second Successive Defeat


Bigger, faster, stronger - Therry Penola proved superior in all facets of the game in a 55 point trouncing of Prahran Assumption on Saturday. Therry Penola emphasised the gulf in class between the top three teams in VAFA Division 1 and the rest of the pack. Into time-on in the third quarter the Two Blues had not kicked a goal. Brett Chapman then goaled from a free kick and Riley Hogan opened the final term with a goal to save the ultimate humiliation. After successive defeats the Two Blues’ finals hopes will be very much on the line v Kew next Saturday.

Yet this was a case of what might have been. In a frenetic first quarter the Two Blues more than held their own but seniors first gamer Chapman could only kick three points, including two ‘posters’. Tom Quinn was outstanding with his run and carry from a wing and the defence led by John Stocker and Jimmy Gottschalk held sway. Then in the first 10 minutes of the second quarter the home team slammed on four goals and it was effectively game over. The Two Blues skills fell away under the tackling pressure, real and perceived. Therry Penola have the Two Blues a lesson in keeping possession with chain after chain of foot passes while their opponents repeatedly turned the ball over. Despite Brett Dickinson holding sway in ruck duels the visitors dominated clearances with their bigger bodies and strength. Although the result was a foregone conclusion the Two Blues showed spirit to prevent what could have been a last quarter rout. 

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 0-3 0-6 1-9 2-11 (23)

THERRY PENOLA 1-5 5-7 8-10 11-12 (78)

Goals: Chapman, Hogan.

Best: Dickinson, Whiting, Hume, Stocker, Gottschalk, Quinn.



After a promising first half the Two Blues fell away in the second half in a theme repeated too often this season.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 3-1 4-2 6-2 6-3 (39) lost to THERRY PENOLA 3-3 5-6 9-10 13-14 (92)


Club XXIII: 

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 1-5 7-7 8-12 8-15 (63) lost to THERRY PENOLA 3-3 5-6 9-10 13-14 (92)



PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 3-0 3-0 5-1 6-1 (37) lost to PRESTON 5-1 9-3 11-6 13-6 (84)