Two Blues bounce back


FORGETTABLE  would be a polite way to describe the first half catalogue of errors from both teams in the Prahran v West Brunswick Division 1 clash on Saturday.

The half-time scoreline of Prahran 1-10 to West Brunswick 2-2 in ideal weather conditions tells it all.

Which prompts the question, how often has a team with just one goal led a senior competition match?

But then that evening you watch two AFL powerhouse clubs Melbourne and Geelong combine for a 0-14 scoreline in the second quarter and it puts it all in perspective. Accurate kicking for goal is a challenge at all levels.

Granted the home team’s pressure rating was sky high, but the Two Blues' sloppy disposal was still a concern .

The makeshift amenities at Ransford Oval seemed in keeping with such a torturous first half.

Thankfully the Two Blues roused themselves from their malaise to take a match winning 26 point lead by three quarter-time as their superior skills and fitness shone through.

The unlikely hero was a former Prahran juniors player Taylor Bamford who kicked all three of the Two Blues first goals as a crumbing forward.

His second came early in the third term from a left foot snap and was followed soon after by a big mark and goal from skipper Rory Brodie as the Two Blues gradually broke the shackles. Bamford again then Max Milward courtesy of a downfield free kick both goaled to take the game away from the hosts.

The Two Blues began to dominate centre clearances with Mackenzie Mayne and James Musster prolific with possessions.

Aptly Bamford slotted a career high fourth goal late in the last quarter as the Two Blues turned an uninspiring first half into a relatively comfortable 11-15 (81) to 5-4 (34) win, much needed after the loss to Parkside the previous week.

Defence was king led by Jayden Williams, almost faultless at full-back with his sure ball handling and disposal highlights aided by Jake Stent-Powell and Joel Hume who both turned in their best games this season.

As a guide to the Two Blues finals aspirations this was a case of jury out.

While West Brunswick’s desire could not be faulted the fact remains the Magpies are now winless after four matches.

The bonus for the Two Blues is their frugal defence means an impressive percentage of 189.

PRAHRAN 0-4 1-10 5-15 11-15 (81)

WEST BRUNSWICK 1-0 2-2 3-3 5-4 (34)

Goals. Bamford , Perez, Milward 2, Brodie, Bell, Burke,

Best. Jayden Williams, Taylor Bamford, Jake Stent Powell, Mackenzie Mayne, Joel Hume, Oliver Burke


A last quarter fadeout but nonetheless a brave effort by an undermanned Reserves team.

A three quarter-time lead of nine points was not enough as the Two Blues went down by six points.

PRAHRAN 3-2 50-5 99 9-10 (64)

WEST BRUNSWICK 3-2 6-6 8-6 10-10 (70)

Goals. O'Sullivan 2, Jack Matherson, Campbell, Howden, Maxwell, Walter, Garreffa, Thys

Best. Luke Kerr, Michael Woods, Alex Maxwell, Connor Thomson, John Panagiotaros, Niall O'Sullivan