Two Blues back on the Winners List

After a couple of disappointing weeks, Prahran were looking to bounce back against West Brunswick and stay within reach of the top 4.

After an unlucky run with injuries in the first half of the year, opportunities a rose for places in the Senior side. The Two Blues were excited to name three debutants for Round 10 in Dan Campbell, Tom Beddison and Gus Perez who have been knocking on the door of the Senior side all year.

Conditions at D.W Lucas Reserve were very similar to the week prior with a strong breeze pushing to the southern end. After winning the toss, Prahran took advantage of this wind with first year player Jackson Partridge kicking the first two of the game.

The Two Blues dominance continued in the first term with Nat Martin in his first game back from a long stint on the sidelines kicking a goal on the run from outside 50. Followed by Alex Maxwell’s first goal for the club in an inspired move up forward after a standout start to the year down back.

PFC went into the first break with a solid 7 goal lead, seemingly over their goal kicking woes from the weeks prior.

Although kicking against the breeze, Prahran took control early in the second quarter kicking the first goal after a courageous mark from Beau Adams running back with the flight. West Brunswick were able to bounce back with two quick goals before the heavens opened and torrential rain fell. Play slowed for the remainder of the quarter with stoppage after stoppage ruining West Brunswick’s chance of using the wind advantage.

PFC went into the main break with a 6 goal lead, and both teams took the opportunity refocus after the 20 minute deluge took over the game. Prahran 9.7.61 played West Brunswick 3.5.23.

Coming back out after the main break, the sun was shining and if you had only just arrived you would have thought it was a perfect day for footy. The sun was out and the wind had dropped. The Two Blues started the third quarter strong with goals from Alex Maxwell and debutant Dan Campbell helping PFC extend their lead into the final term.

With the ground still soaked from the downpour in the second quarter you could have mistaken the football for a bar of soap. Kicking off the ground to gain territory seemed to be the most effective form of disposal in the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter. Another strong performance helped the Two Blues close out the game with a 79 point victory.

Co-Captains Rory Brodie and James Musster, fought hard all day in the difficult conditions, while an inspired effort up forward from Alex Maxwell should see him continue his role in the front end of the ground.

With results going our way around the grounds in round 10 the senior side found themselves inside the top 4 for the first time in 2023.

Prahran: 7.5.47    9.7.61   13.9.87    17.12.114

West Brunswick: 0.2.2    3.5.23    4.5.29    5.5.35

Goal Kickers: R. Brodie (4), A. Maxwell (3), J. Partridge (2), B. Adams (2), E. Plaza, N. Martin, T. Seaman, M. Grogan, D. Campbell, J. Musster

Best Players: R. Brodie, B. Adams, J. Musster, M. Mayne, A. Maxwell, E. Plaza


After heartbreaking loss to the ladder leader, Prahran were ready to stake their claim on a top 4 side and had West Brunswick in their sights. Strong winds for the second week in a row meant that the game would be determined on who would be makes use of the advantage.

The Two Blues had the wind in the first term and were able to get out to a strong start kicking four goals to nothing - including a goal from Peter Pavlou after winning a four on one and kicking it from 40 metres out.

West Brunswick looked to take control of the second quarter, kicking two goals in the first five minutes. A good defensive response from the Two Blues saw Prahran able to nullify and hold West Brunswick to one goal in the remaining 20 minutes and would go into the main break with a five point advantage.

Another good start with the wind in the third quarter saw Dec Marrows kick one from outside 50, followed by some Irish magic from Niall O’Sullivan keeping it in play on the goal line to set up a goal while also kicking one of his own.

While West Brunswick dominated play in the final quarter, they were unable to convert effectively and ultimately fell short by three points.

A strong win from Prahran means they are within reach of the top 4. An important couple of weeks await the reserves as they hit a run of form hallway through the year.

Prahran: 4.2.26      4.2.26      8.5.53      8.6.54

West Brunswick: 0.0.0        3.3.21      4.4.28      7.9.51

Goal Kickers: N. O'Sullivan (2), D. Marrows (2), P. Pavlou, U. Bradley, N. Kellock, D. Hughes Churchett

Best Players: J. Noonan, P. Rhodes, D. Marrows, N. Kellock, D. Sinclair, T. Spinks


Prahran: 0.0.0    1.2.8    1.3.9    3.3.21

Old Paradians: 4.3.27    8.6.54    11.9.75    12.11.83