Two Blues 20 goal win

WHEN a team wins by more than 20 goals and the verdict is this was no more than a regulation victory it says more about its hapless opponent.

Such was the case when Prahran Assumption duly demolished winless St Mary’s in VAFA Division 1 at Toorak Park on Saturday.

The final scoreline of 24-14 (158) to 4-6 (30) tells only part of the story.

The more telling scoreline was the second half when the Two Blues slammed on 15 unanswered goals to the visitors mere five points.

The win elevated the Two Blues to fifth on the ladder, equal on points with fourth placed Old Camberwell but with a 161 to 132 percentage deficit despite gaining 12 per cent of Saturday.  

It was the 11th time this season St Mary’s have been defeated by 100 points or more, a sad commentary on the state of the club decimated by the walk out of up to 14 senior players with their sacked coach  before season start.

To be fair St Mary’s was competitive in the first half with scores 9-4 to 4-1 at the half time break.

Kicking with the aid of a strong northerly breeze the visitors kicked the first goal of the match and only late quarter goals from Matthew Clifford extended the margin to 16 points.

Into the breeze the Two Blues started to run the ball and looked better despite St Mary’s valiant efforts.

But as St Mary’s fitness levels waned so did their will and for much of the second half the ball lived in the forward 50s of the Two Blues.

The day proved a goal fest with Clifford (9 goals) and Tony Mirabella with eight dining out.

Aside from the goal kickers Riley Hogan was outstanding for the Two Blues with his run and carry and disposal on a wing, Luke Kerr took a string of his trademark intercept marks while Zac Podmore, Beau Adams and James Musster were dominant in winning clearances.

Next Saturday the Two Blues venture out to Essendon to take on one of the premiership favourites PEGS in a daunting challenge.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 4-4 9-4 16-8 24-14 (158)
ST MARY’S 2-0 4-1 4-3 4-6 (30)
Goals. Clifford 9, Mirabella 8, Podmore 2, Chapman, Whiting, Graham, Dickinson, Martin.
Best. Clifford, Hogan, Kerr, Mirabella, Podmore, Everest.


A second successive win albeit after a sluggish start.
A five goals to zero last quarter iced the game that was in the balance at three quarter -time.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 3-2 6-4 7-4 12-4 (78)

ST MARY’S 2-0 3-0 6-0 6-0 (36)
Goals. Hann , Grogan 3, Bedwell, Taylor 2, Brigante, Joel Matherson.
Best. Hann, Ribbands, Grogan, Heatley, Pavlou, Joel Matherson.


After posting their first win for the  season last Saturday the thirds backed it up with another win giving the club a clean sweep of wins for the first time this season.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 1-3 3-7 9-10 13-13 (91)

HAMPTON ROVERS 3-0 4-4 4-4 5-6 (36)