Prahran Hotel Owners Spread their Wings

The Sand Hill Road Group, owners of the Prahran Hotel our major corporate partner, continues to spread its wings.

The Terminus Hotel, in 605 Victoria St, Abbotsford is the latest acquisition to join the 'stable' of the Prahran Hotel and Richmond Club Hotel.

Closed in 2012, the Terminus  was recently re-opened and received a glowing review from Megan Miller in the Herald Sun weekend magazine on October 12.

The Prahran Hotel was judged last November best new bar design hotel in the 2013 East-Drink-Design awards.

Eat-Drink-Design judges gave sweeping praise for the stunning concrete culvert facade, cited as a re-engagement with the local pub experience, providing powerful examples of architecture, interior design, landscape and theatre that meshed to provided a multilayered experience.