Merit in Defeat for Two Blues


Sometimes there is merit in defeat and such was the case in Prahran Assumption’s loss to VAFA Division 1 ladder leader Old Mentonians at Toorak Park on Saturday.

The undefeated Old Mentonians had won its first four matches by mammoth margins, the smallest 110 points.

So given Prahran Assumption was coming off a 102 point thumping at the hands of Old Geelong the previous Saturday, Two Blues supporters braced themselves for the worst.

But while the result was never in doubt, the Two Blues emerged from a 21-14 (140) to 14-9 (93) defeat with honour.

Apart from a volley of five unanswered goals in the first seven minutes of the second quarter by the competition benchmark, this was a competitive match.

The second half scoreline of Prahran Assumption 8-6 to Old Mentonians 10-4 was a better reflection of the match.

The difference between the teams was the skill level- the Two Blues tackling and work rate were first rate but too often they fumbled and made poor decisions while Old Mentonians were clinical with disposal.

The Two Blues forward line was dysfunctional the previous week, but on Saturday there was system and 14 goals despite the modest output of their leading goal kicker Jamie Robbins.

Old Mentonians had conceded just six , 11, eight and seven goals from the first four rounds so a 14 goals tally was creditable.

For the Two Blues on baller Matt Wall was back to his best, youngsters Jordan Waters and Jayden Williams were involved in several goals while Jack Matherson with two goals from shots outside 50m was a constant presence at centre half-forward.

In defence Blayne Dempsey reigned supreme at full-back, and Ed Macdonald and ‘Junior’ Vuli were excellent at half-back.

The match was notable for the first senior games for former Prahran juniors Ash Forbes and Taylor Bamford, who was swamped by teammates after a mark and his first senior career goal in the last quarter.

As coach Ash Mills said post game, if the Two Blues carry the same effort and body language for the rest of the season they will win a lot more games.

And wins are what the Two Blues need as after five rounds a relegation battle looms as they are second last on the ladder.

Next Saturday the Two Blues journey to Ivanhoe, promoted from Division 2 last season and struggling in eighth place.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION  2-1   6-3      9-7      14-9 (93)

OLD MENTONIANS           3-5   10-10  15-12  21-14 (140)

Goals: Robbins, J Matherson 3, Wall 2, Slattery, Bamford, Vuli, Waters, Taylor, Rogers.

Best: Wall, Dempsey, Vuli, J Matherson, Macdonald, Rogers.



Former captain and four times club senior best and fairest Adam Sleight, on the comeback trail from injury,  was influential in a brave 10 point win over Old Mentonians.

The Two Blues battled against the odds with an undermanned list to post their fourth win of the season to take fourth place on the ladder.

Kicking against a stiff northerly breeze in the last quarter a two point lead proved enough.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 1-5   3-6   6-7  8-9 (57)

OLD MENTONIANS        1-3     5-4   6-5   7-5  (47)

Goals: Rice 3, Sleight, Marmo 2, Hill.

Best: Marmo, Sleight, Stocker, Armstrong, Hall, Gleeson.





Goals: Mann 4, McGrath 2, Scott, Morton.

Best: Morton, Mann, Gouin, Bailey, Keohler, Wilson.