Inaccuracy Costly for Two Blues


Gallant and brave as Prahran Assumption was on Saturday this was very much a case of what might have been.

In a match billed as a virtual final with third place on the VAFA Division 1 ladder on the line, the Two Blues more than matched the home team Preston Bullants in the finals like intensity. But the tone was set in the first quarter with a 1-7 scoreline. Put simply conversion decided this game, the Two Blues missed at least six gettable set shots admittedly in testing conditions with a strong cross wind, but in contrast the Bullants’ Jackson Curic’s first four set shots were all goals. When the Two Blues kicked the first two goals of the second quarter through Brent Chapman and Jack Matherson for a 10 point lead they seemed to have control, but in reality there was little between the teams all day. Small consolation for the Two Blues was the 26 scoring shots to 21 shots. For so much of the match the Two Blues threatened to wrestle supremacy but in a tight match missed opportunities proved crucial. The third quarter provided a perfect example, with the Two Blues adding 2-5 while the Bullants kicked three goals straight, two from free kicks. In the tackle and commitment stakes nothing separated the teams. Even in the last quarter after Chapman kicked the first goal of the quarter before the Bullants virtually sealed the game with three successive goals the Two Blues kept coming. Goals to Tim Maya and Beau Adams narrowed the gap to nine points before a late sealer to the home team.

Brett Dickinson and Ryley Conlan again ruled the air but the Bullants made several telling centre bounce clearances ‘sharking’ the hit outs. Skipper James Musster was tireless in his efforts to lift the team absorbing considerable physical pressure ably assisted by Trent Rogers and Dan Freeman.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 1-7 4-9 6-14 9-17 (71) lost to PRESTON BULLANTS 2-2 5-5 8-5 13-8 (86)

Goals: Chapman 3, Matherson 2, Falcone, Adams, Taylor, Maya. 

Best: Rogers, D Freeman, Dickinson, Webb, Musster, Stocker.



Successive wins for the first team this season under coach Adam Hall with the Two Blues in control throughout.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 4-3 9-4 10-7 13-10 (88) d PRESTON BULLANTS 0-2 2-5 5-8 7-12 (54).



PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 lost to MCC 2-2 4-3 5-4 6-8 (44).

Best: Lindvist, Mathias, Soriano, Buttolph, Mohammad-Zayler, Hastie.