Heroic Two Blues rally for draw

DRAWS inevitably result in a mixed range of emotions.

In the case of Saturday’s VAFA Division 1 clash between Prahran Assumption and Old Camberwell this was a match of wildly fluctuating fortunes .

At quarter-time the scoreline read Old Camberwell 5-4 to the Two Blues a solitary point.

At that stage had two premiership points been on offer the Two Blues would have snatched the offer with glee.

Yet as the match transpired this was a match the Two Blues could, and perhaps should, have won, sharing the spoils 11-8 apiece.

As coach Brett Dickinson said post match the ovation from supporters was well deserved because the level of effort could not be faulted.

But it was also a missed opportunity and time to dwell on the poor start when, as Dickinson aptly described it, the home team was allowed to play "Champagne football.'

By contrast the Two Blues' fare was more a "pot and parma' variety as they dialled up the pressure and suddenly Old Camberwell started to make mistakes.

The ladder leader looked a class above in the first quarter as they switched the ball at will and had oodles of space to display their skills.

But gradually the Two Blues more dour stoppages style game wrestled back some of the initiative.

At half-time the margin was a manageable 16 points.

The downside was by this stage on baller Zac Podmore and key forward Jack Matherson had been ruled out with serious injuries.

The third term saw further evidence of the Two Blues resurgence.

You can have all the endeavour in the world but there is no substitute for strength and class. Matthew Clifford’s two great marks and conversions giving the Two Blues faith they were on the cusp of an upset.

The home team lost its poise evidenced by a 50m penalty goal to Marcus Grogan late in the third quarter trimming the margin to just one point.

Dickinson rolled the dice at three quarter-time moving ruckman Rory Brodie to full-forward.

The result was instant with two quick goals and suddenly the Two Blues hit the front.

Brodie had his colours lowered early in the match but gradually worked his way back into the game.

This was typical of several teammates such as Joe Whiting, barely sighted early, but inspirational as the game hotted up.

The home team quickly replied then courtesy of two 50m penalties Clifford replied in turn.

With scores still level at the 20 minute mark skipper James Musster passed to a Clifford for a set shot 40m in directly in front.
Somehow the ball veered left and failed to score.

For the next 10 minutes the ball bobbled between the respective half-back lines with neither team able to aim a set shot at goal.

Joel Hume and Jon Simonetta were heroic in defence all day as was Riley Hogan in an accountable role.

As the siren sounded the ball was about 40m from the Two Blues goals.

It was an apt end to a remarkable game.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION 0-1. 4-3. 8-6. 11-8 (74)
OLD CAMBERWELL 5-4. 6-7. 9- 7. 11-8 (74)

Goal Kickers: M. Clifford 5, R. Brodie 2, E. Plaza 2, S. Chapman, M. Grogan
Best Players: J. Musster, R. Hogan, M. Clifford, R. Brodie, J. Whiting, J. Everest


An improved performance by against a classier opponent and signs of better times ahead.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION  1-1  2-1  5-5  6-5 (41)

OLD CAMBERWELL  2-6  8-8  12-11 15-16 (106)

Goal Kickers: E. Stevens 2, J. O'Dwyer, S. Capra, P. Pavlou, J. Thompson
Best Players: J. Matherson, M. Capra, P. Rhodes, A. Fyfe, P. Pavlou, M. Noonan


PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION  3-1  4-7  5-8  6-12 (48)

OLD CAMBERWELL  4-5  59  8-12   12-17  (89)

Goal Kickers: C. Crewes 2, C. Klouda 2, J. Baldey, M. Donaldson
Best Players: J. Andrews, N. Tetteroo, C. Crewes, N. Keohler, N. Cibiras, J. Crank

Goal Kickers: C. Crewes 2, C. Klouda 2, J. Baldey, M. Donaldson
Best Players: J. Andrews, N. Tetteroo, C. Crewes, N. Keohler, N. Cibiras, J. Crank