Dr Peter Lewis, Chris Garnaut Life Members

We welcome two new life members of Prahran Amateur Football Club for 2013, Dr Peter Lewis and Chris Garnaut.

Dr Lewis, based at Re Creation Medical Centre in High St., Armadale, has been the club's medical officer since 1985, representing 28 years involvement with his local football club.

Garnaut was juniors president for 2004-05, a major fund raiser and recruiter when the juniors were in their infancy. A sponsor through Garnaut Private Wealth of both the senior and junior arms of the club over his 12 years involvement as an administrator, coach and sponsor earned Garnaut his life membership.

Both Dr Lewis and Garnaut were elected at the annual general meeting on Wednesday November 27, 2013.

Garnaut was nominated by Tim Habel and seconded by Basil Cleary.

Paul Taylor, who nominated Dr Lewis (seconded by Will Walford) , praised Peter for his enthusiasm and dedication noting many a finals player was treated by the medico to get them 'over the line' for major games.