Callum Wilson inspires Famous Two Blues Win


This was a case of ‘I see it but I don’t believe it.' With apologies to Anthony Hudson’s description of Sydney’s Nick Davis’ last gasp goal to win the 2005 preliminary final against Geelong that was an appropriate analogy of what transpired at Toorak Park on Saturday.

At the 12 minute mark of the first quarter the scoreline read Old Paradians 4-3 while the last placed Two Blues were scoreless. Timid, mistake riddled the Two Blues seemed headed for an embarrassing defeat on home soil. When Old Paradians opened the second quarter with two goals to extend the lead to 34 points it was surely a case of ‘game over.’ Enter Callum Wilson.  In an extraordinary 20 minutes one man show he kicked eight goals and at half-time had all nine goals for the Two Blues. Former captain-coach Brian Taylor’s club  record 16 goals v Oakleigh in 1991 was in danger of being consigned to history. Wilson ended the day with 10-7 to inspire a truly remarkable turnaround, as the Two Blues kicked 23 of the last 24 goals. So a 34 point deficit was transformed into 106 point triumph. As the confidence of the Two Blues rose, in contrast the resistance of the visitors vanished as James Musster, Riley Hogan and Jimmy Falcone cut a swathe through the visitors defence with their blistering pace. That elusive commodity, confidence, suddenly resurfaced and the Two Blues at last played ike the exciting team of last season. The upshot of this amazing result was a 26 percentage points boost and a rise on the Division 1 ladder from 10th and last to sixth.

Add a brave win by the Reserves and a second successive low scoring win for our women’s team and round 6 proved a red letter day for the club.

First quarter: The listless Two Blues were blown away by a 4-3 opening salvo from Old Paradians who made centre clearances at will. Late in the quarter Wilson marked and goaled from a Hogan pass but a 1-5 return was frustrating.

Second quarter: The visitors kicked the first two goals as the Two Blues trailed by 34 points. Then Wilson took over with some superb marking and two snap shots to boot eight goals in a 20 minute burst against the shellshocked visitors.

Third quarter: Any prospect of an Old Paradians comeback was snuffed out when Jimmy Falcone, Beau Adams, Wilson, Tim Maya then Mark McGill slammed on five goals in the first eight minutes. Finally Old Paradians goaled but goals to Falcone and three more to Maya made it eight for the quarter.

Fourth quarter: The game turned into a rout as the Two Blues queued up for goals. Jack Matherson kicked two, Joel Hume sauntered down from defence to goal, Ryley Conlan, Harrison Taylor,  Alex Simpson and Maya for a fourth dined out to cap a memorable comeback win.

Prahran Assumption
1.5 9.9 17.13 24.17 (161)
Old Paradians
5.4 7.5 8.6 8.7 (55)

Goals: Wilson 10, Maya 4, Falcone, J Matherson 2, Simpson, Adams, Hume, McGill, Taylor, Conlan

Best: Wilson, Musster, Hogan, Falcone, Simonetta



Prahran Assumption
3.4 6.8 8.12 10.13 (73)
Old Paradians
4.1 6.2 9.3 9.8 (62)

Goals: B. Chapman 4, C. Henshaw 2, M. Noonan, R. Webster, J. Garlick, T. Keaney

Best: M. Bremner, J. Panagiotaros, B. Graham, B. Quinn, T. Keaney, J. Garlick



Prahran Assumption 1.1 6.2 7.3 12.3 (75)
St Johns OC 6.3 9.3 13.5 18.7 (115)

Goals: A. Vine 5, I. Davidson 3, N. Gouin 2, J. Marshall, C. Dillon

Best: C. Gallagher, J. Marshall, N. Gouin, I. Davidson, C. Berger, N. Keohler



0.1 0.2 0.3 1.3 (9)
St Leo's Emmaus 1.3 2.4 2.4 2.5 (17)