Brave but Undermanned Two Blues kept to One Goal


Brave but undermanned versus classy and committed- that sums up Prahran Assumption’s clash with Old Mentonians in VAFA Division 1 on Saturday.

Playing at home on sodden Keysborough Playing Fields, ladder leader Old Mentonians showed the gulf in class compared to cellar dweller Prahran Assumption.

With several of their best players missing, the Two Blues were kept to a solitary goal after Harry Taylor converted from 35m out from a mark 12 minutes into the third quarter.

Despite the humbling 13-14 (92) to 1-7 (13) scoreline, as hard as it may be to believe, the Two Blues level of effort was much superior to the previous week when they cobbled together a mere three goals against Old Paradians.

A total of four goals in eight quarters of football in successive weeks says it all.

Despite a solid work rate and a healthy number of tackles, the Prahran Assumption simply lacked the polish to match Old Mentonians who are in premiership mode.

As could be expected defenders were in the main the better players with John Simonetta, John Stocker, Luke Kerr and Tim Webb valiant in the face of continued forward assaults while Ben Leske worked hard at centre half-forward and Beau Adams on ball.

Successive wins by Old Paradians means the Two Blues are consigned to relegation to Division 2 unless they can win at least two more games for the season and rely on the unlikely event  the resurgent Old Paradians do not win any more games.

For the Two Blues the bonus next week is a return to Toorak Park for Past Players Day and a clash with Ivanhoe, in sixth place out of the four on percentage only.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION  0-2   0-4   1-6   1-7 (13)

OLD MENTONIANS          4-4   8-6 11-9  13-14 (92)

Goal: Taylor.

Best: Leske, Adams, Simonetta, Taylor, Slattery, Williams



A thumping 95 point win for the Reserves and an important percentage boost.

The Two Blues were in control all day in a mirror opposite of the senior game. Rick Ellis was a stand out with seven goals while teenager Michael Pisker impressed in his first game for the season and will press for senior selection.

The Two Blues are on target for a third successive finals apperance with a key clash looking fifth placed Therry Penola.

At present the Two Blues have a game break but are about five percentage points behind Therry Penola.

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION  6-2   11-10  16-12   18-18 (126)

OLD MENTONIANS           0-2    1-2      2-3         4-6 (30)


Club XXII:

PRAHRAN ASSUMPTION  1-3   1-5      2-5      3-7  (25)

HAWTHORN                       3-7   7-12   13-17  18-20 (128)