1978 VFA Premiership glory re-lived

THEY say that premierships create connections for life, and this adage was on display recently at the Emerald Hotel, South Melbourne, when we had more than 20 players attend the annual catch up of 1978 VFA Premiership squad, 44 years after they held the cup aloft!
Coach Big Mick Erwin led the day strongly, ably supported by his captain Rob Anderson, Lieutenant Kerry Foley and numerous other champion players including Rossy Thornton, Wayne Johnston, Ian McGuiness, Gary Chapman, Kel Clarke, Paul Taylor and many more.
It was also fantastic to have Regan Smith (son of the great Kim Smith) and Simon Payne (son of Prahran Champion, Rod Payne) join us, representing their fathers who were both major contributors in 1978.
What a special day for a special group of contributors to our great club!